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Decluttering your Desk

Organize your desk:

Organizing your desk can be a pain. You receive so many mail, bills, or documents that you do not know what to do with them! You can file them but only if you are done with them. So how do you keep a desk clean with lots of projects? 

Try this method below! 

Decluttering Desk


Filing: when you receive mail, or papers, or you are finished with anything, oftentimes we need to file it, which either happens immediately (which wastes time) or it doesn't (which makes a mess). Thus leaving you with constantly filling your file cabinet, or worse so; leaving you with a paper-filled desk.
Likewise, "To-do documents" have a similar problem! When you receive a bill you need to pay or registration that needs to be met but you don't quite have the time when you receive them, they stay on your desk until you have the time, oftentimes being covered by other documents you have an action attached to as well. At least the "file documents" can potentially be filed!
Solution: there is an easy solution to this.

When you receive any document, there will be four options:

1. Throw it away: there is no action nor reason to keep it
2. File it: there is no action required but you want to keep it.
3. Do it: if you have the time and want to take care of it right away you can accomplish the task right away.
4. Procrastinate it: not in a bad way but you don't have time and you want to do it later.

In this last option you will either do the action, throw away the paper, or put it in your 2-tier hanging folder. One labeled to-do and one labeled file. Then each week you will file all the ‘file documents’ and run through the to-do documents to see if there is anything you can do that day... otherwise, it goes back into the folder.
This saves the clutter from the desk and makes sure you are not forgetting any important to-dos.
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