Writers Planner

Paper Brains Writer's Planner

Struggling to stay organized amidst handwritten books and overflowing notebooks? The Writer's Planner is for you!

This comprehensive planner caters to writers who crave the tactile satisfaction of putting pen to paper. It provides all the essential tools to keep your ideas flowing and your story on track, without sacrificing the flexibility of handwriting.

Here's what makes The Writer's Planner special:

  • Dedicated Brainstorming Space: Craft a detailed outline using the built-in template, ensuring a cohesive narrative structure.
  • Note Templates: Capture fleeting ideas and world-building details with ease in designated note sections.
  • Chapter Summaries: Summarize each chapter for effortless reference and maintain a clear understanding of your story's flow.
  • Write with Ease: Ample lined pages provide dedicated space for your story to flourish.
  • Revision-Friendly: A designated section beside each writing section allows for post-draft reflections and edits, keeping your notes organized.
  • Character Vault: Develop rich and complex characters with the included character overview templates.

The Writer's Planner is your one-stop shop for handwritten creativity, empowering you to transform your ideas into a captivating novel.

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Writers Planner